Three Have to See Locations in Lebanon

As with any overseas journey, just about every traveller need to ensure they’ve the top travel insurance package in spot before they arrive. When it comes to travelling in Lebanon, the identical rule applies and you should really make certain you’ve got the top cover you can afford for health-related and hospital therapy expenses. Which is to not say that Lebanon on is extra dangerous than any other location, but when visiting any country which has knowledgeable the unrest that we have all witnessed in Lebanon on, it’s just a matter of easy prevalent sense.

Regardless of the troubles that Lebanon has experienced during the last decade or so, issues have definitely settle down over the last handful of years and now, politically, the country is in a comparatively stable position and is after again on the radar of tourists searching for anything unique. Beirut after held the enviable reputation of getting the Paris of your East, and even though this is no longer the case it truly is keen to after again attain its proud mantle as the most desirable destination in the Middle East.

Sursock Museum

While care nevertheless must be exercised when visiting this part of the world, there are many issues to include on your itinerary. Let’s check out 3 should see destinations in Lebanon:


Beirut is a heady mixture of modern day sophistication and the dreadfully poor and disaffected. This is a city that definitely represents the paradoxical elements which are close towards the heart of each and every Lebanese; that of tolerance of each disparate element of society even in the face of common violence; and also the underlying belief that everything will probably be OK ultimately. From a sensible point of view you’ll genuinely take pleasure in the restaurants and cafes that appear to occupy a a part of each street, and also the similar goes for the nightlife where nightclubs, cinemas and theatres are prevalent. The history of Beirut extends back as far as 7000 years so it’s not surprising to understand that there are plenty of archaeological digs to check out.


The origins of this city date back to roughly 2750 BC. The ancient markets are a magnet for tourists as are the historical ruins of preceding Roman settlements. There is certainly even archaeological proof on the one-time Egyptian rulers who benefited in the cedar timber which acquired biblical significance.

Beirut nightlife

The Bekka Valley

This really is certainly one of the much more fertile regions of Lebanon on but is also residence to a lot of magnificent archaeological internet sites specifically at Baalbek and Aanjar. The major town in the area is Zahle, an excellent place to stop by in summer using a cool climate plus a pleased atmosphere made by its cheerful inhabitants. It is terrific to get in to the Lebanese lifestyle when going to towns which include Zahle, and also you will get a higher appreciation in the true nature of everyday life in Lebanon.

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