Istanbul, A Exceptional City Where Two Continents Meet

Istanbul is actually a exceptional city with an astonishing beauty. It’s unique mainly because it truly is the only city in the world that lies in two continents, Europe and Asia. Istanbul just isn’t the capital of Turkey but it may be the greatest city in Turkey with over 20 million population and getting the greatest trade center between Europe and Asia.

Besides becoming industrial heart of Turkey, it’s also a historical city which has more than 1500 years of imperial history. It was the world’s initial Christian capital after which became the capital of Ottoman Empire. Now Turkey can be a secular nation and Istanbul is usually a modern metropolis.

Galata Tower

The heart of Istanbul is said to become Sultanahmet which can be also the heart of Ottoman Empire. In order to go to Istanbul than you could start your tour from here. That is the house of Hagai Sophia, The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hippodrome and also the Basilica Cistern.

istanbul sightseeing

Just after Sultanahmet there are actually a lot of locations to check out. Essentially the most popular place is Taksim where you are able to shop keep in hotels. Taksim discovered in Beyoglu District is actually a place with old apartments like an old European district. You will find a lot of restaurants and bars, also you may have wonderful evening shows in many evening clubs. Also, Grand Bazaar which can be found in Beyazit district is one of the world’s oldest markets. You’ll be able to obtain jewellery, Turkish carpets, pottery and fabrics.

Daily sightseeing Istanbul tours are well-known, you may pick one from various tour programs and you can see historical and most desirable locations of Istanbul. Also you are able to have private guided Istanbul tours where you could also make your own tour system along with your private tour operator. Dinner cruise evening shows are astounding shows exactly where it is possible to see oriental belly dance with the panoramic view of Istanbul by the Bosphorus at night.

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