The History of your Berlin Wall

The Cold War that continued for over 40 years was a struggle between two ideologies. The Berlin Wall was 1 structure that was essentially the most recognizable symbols that symbolized the struggle involving the East and West. The Cold War eventually ended together with the tearing down Berlin Wall.

When the World War II ended, the Nazi Germany was sliced into four certain occupation zones, they would from this point be controlled by the Allied powers that incorporated the British, French, Russians and also the Americans. The city of Berlin was also divided in to 4 zones controlled by 4 Allied members. When the Cold War began in 1949, the Soviets formed a new state named German Democratic Republic (GDR) which integrated Americans whilst French consolidated their regions forming one state referred to as Federal Republic of Germany like West Britain.

Berlin Wall

The two countries started to diverge rapidly as they were determined by various ideologies. The ideology of West Germany was determined by democratic government and West’s free of charge industry program. The GDR was according to communist ideology and Soviet Style planned economy. After a brief time of handful of years when each and every nation was formed, there had been great variations in high-quality of style and life. West Germany and West Berlin became very prosperous throughout the early 1950’s and East Berlin and GDR lagged behind. Several in East Germany and East Berlin began emigrating.

Several living inside the Eastern countries crossed through borders at East and West Berlin to flee the Sovietization and Joseph Stalin. There was no all-natural border between East and West Berlin within the early 1950s and the targeted traffic moved freely among the cities. Lots of East Berliners moved back and forth among the border for the duration of this time. Together with the passage of time, the exodus for the West triggered the Soviet Union and GDR to take action.

berlin wall

During the 1950s, nearly a million citizens left the GDR for the West. It was causing an massive brain drain considering that most the people today who have been extremely skilled and educated.

In the course of the early 1950s, the East/West Berlin border could be simply crossed. As the Soviets and the Eastern Bloc nations including the GDR began to crack down on emigration, a meeting took location in between leaders of East Germany and Stalin on April 1, 1952. Stalin told the East Germans to promptly develop up the border and to create a demarcation line among East & West Germany, a border which the East Germans will guard with their lives.

As a result of your meeting, border among East & West Germany was closed and a barbed wire fence was erected. With the rise of restrictions, many Eastern Bloc citizens and East Germans started fearing further tightening and started to emigrate.

In 1956, as emigration continued on a large scale under the disguise of family visits, the East German eliminated all travel towards the West. As the Berlin border was administered by the 4 occupying powers, quite a few East Germans and Eastern Bloc citizens were able to find ways by means of Berlin towards the West. By the end of 1950s, almost 90% emigrants came through the border at Berlin. Considering that there was no natural border and there had been even subway train access to East Berlin, Berlin was considered by lots of to be one of the most practical way for crossing into West Germany.

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